Case Study

Farmers and Merchants

This project started with Romary acting as a purchasing agent for our customer and purchasing 3 lots with residential homes for a new Banking location. As a result of the sale, the City of Decatur annexed the property into the City. Part of that annexation meant Romary had to ensure the wells were removed and all City utilities hooked up. Additionally, a utility easement went through the property. There was a separate financial institution that hooked in to these utilities. We couldn't simply cut off the utilities but instead had to work with the various utilities companies to put in temporary lines in order to re-route the lines.

After we resolved all of these issues, construction was running along smoothly. As we were nearing the point of beginning the interior finishes, we received a call that there was going to be a change in ownership of the Bank. The new owners would need a different layout for the interior of the Bank to accommodate the equipment they would be using. Romary quickly met with the new owners to find out their precise needs and how we could accommodate those needs. Happy customers is always our main goal. We achieve that by being on time and on budget. Romary is proud to have held true to that on this project.

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