Case Study

Crossroads Financial Federal Credit Union

"Romary Associates, with their start to finish approach, made each of our expansion projects a success. We found Romary to be very professional with a 'can-do' attitude that follows through the end of the project. They listened to us, determined along with us what our current as well as future needs were, and helped us in the early planning stages. They have even helped us with locating property and purchasing it. They have made the building experience an easy one for us with their turnkey operations, allowing us to devote our time to running our business, not building a building." - JANET BANTZ

Romary first met Janet Bantz, CEO of Crossroads Financial Federal Credit Union after she was searching for someone to help with the layout of her branch. With an existing location, she knew there were traffic problems. Often times people would be waiting outside the doors to get in. The drive-up had a poor layout and wrapped around the building. Knowing these were the challenges she was facing, she knew she needed someone with experience to help. After interviewing several other companies, Romary was her choice.

Romary went down to meet with both management and the whole team. Taking the time to find out not only from managements perspective but also from the perspective of the employees - what did they need out of their space?

The result was enlarging the lobby and creating a better flow for the drive -up. This also meant re-positioning office space. An existing basement that previously wasn't being used was converted to house various work stations. This helped to alleviate crowding on the first floor.

Gaining a trusted partner, Crossroads wanted to enter a new City, that of Dunkirk, Indiana. Romary headed down for a study of the town. Together Romary and Crossroads drove the streets to get a feel for the town. They watched traffic flow. They analyzed which direction the town was growing. They discussed whether to renovate or tear down.

Having decided on a fresh start, Romary scouted a property with State highway visibility. The desired property was unique in the fact that it was listed for Auction. Romary had the opportunity to meet with the seller one afternoon and offered to purchase before it went to auction. The seller was thrilled to move the property along quickly and a deal was done. Only after the sale was complete did the seller learn it was a Credit Union that would be building on that location. A fair price was paid for the property and the cost wasn't driven up due to their purchasers identity.

Crossroads has gone on to build with Romary in additional cities.

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