Case Study

Beacon Credit Union

Romary Associates was pleased to assist Beacon Credit Union in purchasing a piece of land for a new location in Marion, Indiana. It was quickly realized that despite the proper zoning during the sale, the property had been sold with the incorrect zoning designation.

Beacon was able to continue to move ahead with their plans as Romary spent the time dealing with City officials to make sure the zoning issue was cleared up.

When the project was nearing completion to the point of the banking equipment being installed, a major discrepancy came up. The cost of the banking equipment was missed by one of the designers at that time. Being that Romary offers a turnkey service, we present the client their full summary at the beginning of the project so there are no surprises, no hidden costs. Romary stands by that and the customer had no additional costs. It was our miss - our cost. This ethical standard is partially what contributed to Romary being awarded the Torch award in 2006 from the Better Business Bureau for Marketplace Ethics.

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